Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kids say the darndest things...#2

                   My son got his haircut and got a lollipop after. As I watched him enjoy his lollipop he says, " Amma, you have to try this lollipop when you are six". I said, " Hmm,I'm never going to be six again in this lifetime".To that he replies," Sure you will,when you are 99, then you become hundred ,then you start over from zero". Oh sweet innocence, if only this happens...cutest thing I heard.


  1. Precious moments, indeed :) so cute!

  2. Hey Ramya,
    Got here from Nupur's blog. Your tamil recipes sound comforting :)

    I hardly experiment with cooking but I am tempted to try some from your blog!

  3. Aww that sounds so cute !Your son sounds adorable!

    I got here while blog hopping you have a wonderful space. I loved your header and your kali thalagam recipe brought back memories :-)