Friday, October 23, 2009

Parangikai thogayal - Halloween special

        I missed the boat posting for Diwali. Atleast to celebrate halloween with my kids, here is a dish from their desi mom- Parangikai thogayal (red pumpkin chutney). I had this menu idea after attending a pumpkin picking event at my son's school. I thought of this dish to go with the theme of the month.
      I have to thank my dear friend Priya for this recipe. She is a lover of spicy food and can make even a sweet tasting vegetable into a fire breathing dragon. She says, "make this and your family will salute you after eating this(salaam pottu sapaduva)". I had already picked my pumpkin from the grocery store, which are in season and in abundance.
       Indian red pumpkin is a little different in appearance and taste than the american variety, but they are from the same family. This recipe uses Indian red pumpkin(nutrional value).

Parangikai thogayal
Parangikai (rind removed and cut like french fries) 3 cups
1 tsp chana dal/kadala paruppu
3 tsp urad dal/ulutham paruppu
6-7 red chillies
fresh coconut flakes 3 tbsp(optional)
1 tsp mustard seeds/kadugu
tamarind a small piece
asafoetida a pinch
salt to taste

oil just enough to fry


1.With a little oil roast the dals, red chilli, tamarind with asafoetida till the dals are roasted an even red. Keep aside to cool.In the same pan add the coconut and slightly stir fry them until light pink in color. Keep aside.


2. Roast the cut pumpkin in the pan with a little oil till they are done. Add a little salt while roasting. Let it cool.
       3. Grind the dals first to rough texture then, add the rest of the ingredients when cool and grind to a grainy texture. Do not add water as the pumpkin has a lot of water content. Add salt as needed.

Enjoy the thogayal with rice,chapati or as a sandwich spread.Susvaad!                                

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  1. I surely can create a spicy version of many things with ease but i definetely cannot make a sweet dish the way you do with so much ease.I guess its what we like to eat that drives us in what we cook better.