Friday, December 25, 2009

Badam cake

     Updated 1/3/10 (I would like to send this recipe to Desserts, Pastries and Ice creams - 'Food for 7 Stages of Life' event  conducted by Radhika, inspired by Sudeshna.)

       Happy holidays everyone! Today is the first day of 7  day blog marathon conducted by Nupur of One Hot Stove. Please visit her blog to see the runners list. I am posting my sweet recipe for the countdown  to New Year 2010 from Dec 25th to Dec 31st 2009.          

Recipe#7   Badam cake


blanched slivered almonds /badam
clarified butter


This sweet is made using ratio. If you use any particular measuring cup use that through out.

1. Soak the slivered blanched almonds in water for about an hour.Traditionally, whole almonds is used but using this readily available product reduces a lot of labor, to peel the skin of almonds and the soaking time.

2. Grind the almonds/badam  into a smooth thick  paste using as little water as possible.Grinding it little by little usually gives you this result.

3.Take a heavy bottomed wide-mouthed pan and measure and pour the paste in the pan.The ratio to use is 1 cup paste to 1 and a quarter cup sugar(I am giving this measurement for domino sugar or any American made sugar).Do not add water. Take a cookie sheet or shallow plate, butter it with ghee and keep aside.

4. Keep about 1 cup of ghee ready for the above ratio. Add about a ladleful at first and mix all the ingredients well.

5.Now place the pan on the stove inbetween  medium to high heat. With a flat wide spatula, keep on stirring and turning the paste. The sugar will melt and make the paste into a fluid but keep stirring.

6.Add a ladle full of ghee at  5 minute intervals. It is important that fluid doesn't stick to the pan, so keep on stirring the contents. At one stage after about 15-30 minutes depending on how much paste you have frothy bubbles start to come up to the surface and burst out make a hole and disappear again.All the ghee set aside must have been used by now.

7. When the mixture comes away from the side of the pan. Pour it in the buttered cookie sheet or plate.

8. Let it set so that it is solid instead of molten.Then using a knife or pizza cutter make a grid and cut square pieces. I made a lot to distribute to family and friends.

 They are just delectable,soft,sweet and crumbly in texture in your mouth. Susvaad.


  1. That looks beautiful- and just three ingredients!

  2. Hi from a fellow "runner", Ramya :) Badam cake sounds a little like making praline candy. I like the step-by-step photos -- will remember this when I want to try it.

    Your kids' creations are adorable, too :)

  3. cooking sweets with badam is an art, sometimes it tricks me :)
    Your cake picture perfect..and I am sure will melt in the mouth..

  4. Thank you Nupur, 3 'rich' ingredients are all that's needed.
    Linda- I am yet to try praline candy.I have a hunch I would love it.
    sowjanya-Thank you for the nice compliment.

  5. Badam cake looks awesome and pic looks perfect. Quite an easy recipe but to be approached with caution. You have a nice space with interesting recipes.Following you.


  6. You got perfect badam halwa slices Ramya!! Delicious!!

  7. notyet100,Lavi- Thank you:)
    Ms.Chitchat -Badam cake does need watching,in a matter of second it could go from melt in your mouth to rock hard.Thank you for your nice comment:)

  8. Thanks for stopping by at my blog! Your link lead me back here. :) You have nice blog. I love your blog header. So beautiful! :)
    Badam cake is look so great!All d best for Marathon event.

  9. The Badam cake looks so yummy and simple the way you have made it that many of us would want to give it a try.

  10. Oh my, those clicks are making me want it so bad! Looks very delicious indeed!