Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A hot cuppa

          Greatly encouraged by the result of my previous crochet project, I took up another one.
I have been seeing the teacup amigurumi cropping up everywhere in the blog world .I decided to try my hand at it.I proudly present my cup of coffee ( I don't drink tea.).This pattern is called Amigurumi Tea Cup Pincushion.

       My kids got their creative juices flowing and worked hard on their playdough and made masterpieces.
Here are some of them.My son is very particular that I post them on my blog.Hee he
After sitting patiently for hours one chick tries to fly the coop.LOL.Absolutely love the golden egg(s) laying hen and the two very pink piggies.I think that is just so cute.


  1. Looks like the whole family is getting in the creative mood.. !! Wonderful!!
    I love the cup of coffee!!

  2. The chicks & pigs are my favourite. They're so cute. I went ahead and brought play-doh for my younger son,4 and started encouraging him to create some masterpieces.The cup is inviting too.