Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kothamalli/Coriander leaves Thokku

         I get excited when I shop for vegetables.I squealed with joy when the sign said '3 for 99cents' in front of cilantro.I immediately thought thogayal  or thokku.The coriander leaves looked so green,fresh and smelled heavenly.
         Usually, I make a thogayal with roasted dal,red chillies ,mustard seeds,tamarind and salt.I wanted something a little different so I decided to look for Kothamalli thokku recipes and got the one I was looking for in Home Cook's Recipe's blog by Lavi.I can have thokku any way,on a sandwich or chapati as a spread or mixed with rice.
        I followed her recipe, with a 5 red chillies for medium spicy.It tastes delicious.Thanks Lavi.I sauteed my thokku just enough to get it into a ball.It isn't dry completely,I doubt that I will keep it for a few days.It will be eaten by tomorrow.We are having a snow storm here today in the East coast.We are home bound,cozy but we are always hungry.Lunch today is thokku with hot rice,potato-capsicum-onion poriyal and beet root poriyal/kari.,Susvaad!

        I have joined in for the 365 days of decluttering challenge started by Suzanne Sergis.I hope this challenge helps me and my family declutter and leaves room for better things in life.God knows life is busy enough when you have kids, I could do without clutter.Day One-I have decided to go through my closet and throw out/set aside for donation unused clothes today.      


  1. Hi, there!!!

    I often make thuvaiyal with cilantro as well as sometimes a combo of cilantro-mint and sometimes curry leaves...they all taste heavenly!!!I am a spice-junkie.

    BTW, how are you spending time during the snowmageddon???Especially with kids in the house...hope they are not getting bored.

  2. Me too,I like to combine pudina with coriander.Mint was costlier and looked wilted anyway.The kids were having fun playing a Wii match with their friends.

  3. I love this thokku with hot crisp dosa's. Your thokku have come out Perfect.

    intha thokku kindarathu thaan peiya velai:)

  4. I don't know which part of this post I like the most- the setup of the thogayal with the talk about shopping which leads one to anticipate more to come later especially for foodies..or the actual presentation of the food..Keep it going.
    One suggestion would be to enhance the food shot with some surrounding. Just a thought and I dont even know how to do it.

  5. The Cilantro thuvaiyal sounds fantastic, Ramya!!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and sharing your thoughts. We've been decluttering our life and home since last yr, but this yr we got pretty serious and got down to really getting some stuff done. There's still a long way to go, but we are seeing the effects of our work so far and it makes us happy. Good luck with your decluttering too!