Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My First Award, yay!

           I was pleasantly surprised when I learnt that I have been given two awards by Meena of Dakshin. Thank you Meena, it is a huge honor for me.

Rules for accepting these awards:
 1. Thank the person who presented you with this award.
2. Pass it on to one or many blogger friends.
I would like to pass this award to some of my blogger friends Sheetal, Priya and Chitchat


  1. Hey!!!! Many many congratulations to you. I am very happy for you. Also very thanks for thinking of me to pass on this honour. It is my pleasure to accept this from you.

  2. Hey, Congrats on your first awards!!!

  3. Congrats, Ramya!!!

    You deserve these n more...

    Keep the posts coming!!! Your food mirrors my way of easy to relate to...

  4. congrats.. first time at ur place.. will visit often.. cheers!

  5. Way to go!!

    Keep the heat on the food and posts on :-)