Monday, February 8, 2010

Rava Idli

            I realized late in life that I was a foodie.I found out my love for cooking and enjoying food is special and not everyone is so passionate about it as I am.Most often, I have to cook certain dishes a certain way or make all the side dishes that go together.I would look forward to a meal like some people look forward to a vacation.I am motivated when my husband says he can't wait to come home and eat what I had cooked for the day.My biggest triumph is my eldest son, I converted him from a picky eater to a kid who guesses what I made by the smells wafting from the kitchen.For a change, he says 'Amma, I can't wait to taste this'.
           During the snow storm, I was busy in the kitchen cooking up three different meals a day to keep occupied and also to enjoy being together at home with my family.Weekends are usually memorable because of the food and fun.I decided to make Rava Idlis for breakfast, something very easy to make but different from the regular breakfast of cereal and milk.After a little bit of snow shoveling, we all had hot steamy Idlis with coconut chutney and gunpowder.

Rava Idli makes 16 idlis


Rava / Sooji / Semolina  2 cups
sour curd                        1 cup
(if the curd is not sour then add generous pinch of cooking soda to the batter )
mustard seeds                 1 tsp
urad dal                         3/4 tsp
chana dal/ kadala paruppu 1/2 tsp
cashews broken in half  16 at least
coriander leaves chopped a handful
green chillies(chopped)                   4
ginger finely chopped or grated 1 tbsp
ghee                          1 tbsp
oil                              2 tsps
salt to taste
adding grated veggies optional

1.Heat ghee in a saute pan, roast cashews, set aside and roast the rava till golden in color.Set aside.
2.Heat oil for tempering, add mustard seeds.After the mustard sputters, add the dals.Let the dals become golden brown.Add the green chillies and ginger
3.Switch off heat.Add the rava,curd and the tempered ingredients,salt and coriander leaves.
4.Only add enough water to bring the consistency to semi solid or that of thick but flowing pancake batter.
5.Let it rest for 10 minutes, as the rava absorbs the liquid and you may need to adjust the consistency with water.
6.Lightly smear the idli plates with oil,place one roasted cashew and pour the batter.One ladleful to just fill the well of the plate.
7.Steam in a idli cooker or pressure cooker without weights for 10 minutes of steady steam.
8.Take the idlies after they are steam subsides with a sharp edged spoon.The idlies should come out smoothly.
              Serve these idlis steamy hot with chutney of your choice or with spicy gunpowder(the edible one of course made with roasted,powdered dals,sesame seeds,red chillies and salt) or  this peanut-flax powder.I make my gunpowder at home with flaxseed instead of sesame seeds and the taste is the same,but it is heart healthy.Just store the powder in an airtight dark container in a dry place as it oxidizes easily. Susvaad.
               Day 3 Decluttered freezer.Used the frozen veggie patties to make lunch and threw out popsicles (left over,expired) and such.Also, tackled over the fridge clutter and outside the fridge clutter (too many magnets).Done.      


  1. Hi Ramya, I guess I am a foodie too, just the 'eating' part! :)
    Your Rava idli looks yumm, I always seem to be short of thair/curd (not to mention that I am actually lazy to make them from scratch) so I make them from Gits Rava Idli mix. My family has started liking the taste of the Gits product :)
    Btw, how many idlis does your 2 cups Rava make??

  2. Hi
    Lovely post...weekends are for the friends and families...Rava Idli's my favorite..looks yummy..

  3. Simply Tastelicious!

    It is mouth watering, finger licking stuff..

    There are some positives of the winter storm and one major positive are your posts.

  4. Hello, I am so glad I found your blog. I love Indian Food and have always wanted to learn more about making it. I am sure you have a lot of excellent kitchen advice and wisdom and I will be following your blog. My friends and I are self-studying to become chefs and I have just created a blog about it. We are starting our own classes on Monday. :) If you want to take a look and offer your advice to us when we get to our Flavor and World Cuisines lessons, that would be wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing your recipes and advice!

    Michelle Grygo
    Culinary Institute of My Own Damn Kitchen

  5. @San -Rava idlis are very simple to make from scratch.I found that 2 cups make 16 shallow medium sized idlis.You may add a cup more if your idli plates are deeper.
    @Jagruti -Thank you!It is one of my favs too.
    @Anand-That's a word that I might use again.Thank you!
    @ Michelle-Thank you.I am a kind of self studying foodie too.I would defintiely help with anything that you might need, as best as I can.:)You have a wonderful blog, coming over to tell you just that.

  6. Wow! Its been so long since I had this. A friend of mine used to make this and we tried it with different chutneys. It would be fun to make it myself too.

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